Why I ditched my MacBook and switched to Windows 10

I have to admit, I'm an Apple guy. I had everything, from Pixel books over Pixel phones, Blackberry, One Plus, Google Home, Amazon Fire, Alexa, Surface - but at the end I always ended up in Apple's universe. Apple TV, Home Pod, iPhone, Mac Book, Watch, Earphones.
Hey, not Mac Book anymore. That was my most annoying experience with Apple - a 2 year old MBP 15inch max configuration, worth 3.8k EUR, got the flicker bug. I wrote about in a blog post before. Apple did not recognize that as guarantee, so I sold that over eBay and went to Dell XPS. Long story short.

Now, as a windows hater and open source follower I tinkered 2 weeks or so to get Linux running, ended up with Ubuntu and POP!OS additions. Nice working horse, but - the battery life was not a life, it was a short draining nightmare. Even in standby, lid closed, the battery was empty after one night. That can Apple much better, I have to admit. So I googled, read Reddit and HackerNews and decided yesterday evening to ditch Linux and install Windows. Why? One thing - Windows Terminal (Preview), a iTerm2 for Windows.
I used Windows 10 often, often I switched and worked with a few month.  The main thing I got bored about Win10 was the Terminal emulator, the non-working mail and calendar app, the useless browser and the colored and useless boxes in the Start Menu.
That changed in the last week. Now, together with Terminal and the on-board mail and calendar tools (not Outlook, I use Windows Mail and Calendar, because they work with Google Suite), Dark Theme, Visual Studio Code (my favorite code editor since a year or so, works on Linux as well OSX), Edge Beta (the chromium thing) and the seamless integration of my iPhone with Dell Mobile Connect I have a machine which looks better than a Mac Book, has much better integration and is with 1.5k EUR much cheaper than a MBP - and all the new stuff is Open Source!
All my coding stuff works as hell, I installed GCP and go in my Linux subsystem, tuned Terminal with opaque background, Linux as default shell and starting in my Linux home directory. My Terminal config is in my github repo.

At the end, I think I will stick a while with that config. The screen is brilliant, and Dell's Hardware Support is awesome.


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