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Dell XP 13 7390 late 2019 and Linux

Since my 3 years old Macbook Pro 15inch got the flickering bug I decided to buy a Dell laptop. Why? I have a really old Dell laptop from 2004! which works perfectly as a OpenBSD firewall and internet router in my weekend house.

After I got my machine, first thing was to install PopOS. Or better, I tried. It never worked, I think it's a bug in the loader section of PopOS, a bugreport is open. After some hours of hacking and fixing I got a bit bored and used a Ubuntu installation, which worked out of the box perfectly. Yes I know I had could bought the XPS at Dell with Ubuntu on it. But I did not want to ;)

Here now some tricks to get the XPS smooth to work with - right now I have the book attached to my curved 4k monitor and code some infrastructure stuff for infinimesh.

1. Bluetooth mouse
First time a BT mouse is connected it lags. Moving the mouse, the pointer follows after seconds, slow and unresponsive. Fix by sudo vi /var/lib/bluetooth/<MAC Adapter>/<MAC mouse>:


Kubernetes - on which node runs what?

Just had to find the node for a dedicated pod, found this line useful:

kubectl get pod,STATUS:.status.phase,NODE:.spec.nodeName --all-namespaces